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Social at Rose & Crown, Thurstonland

On Saturday 26th Sept, 3pm, we will be having a Social at the Rose & Crown, Thurstonland, HD4 6XU (map).

We will be catching the 14:20 341 Huddersfield Bus Station, which arrives at Thurstonland at 14:49.

On the way back, we will be catching the 16:33 341 from Thurstonland which arrives in Huddersfield at 17:06.

Please note the 341 bus is operated by Huddersfield Bus Company, so FirstBus travel tickets are not valid.

We hope to see you there.

Branch Meeting & Social

The next Huddersfield CAMRA Branch Meeting will be held at the Lockwood,
Lockwood, HD4 6ER at 8pm on Monday 21st September 2009.

From Huddersfield, catch the 19:40 321 bus from Huddersfield Bus Station.

On Tue 22nd Sept, at 7:30pm we will be having a trip to Riverhead Brewery,
Marsden, HD7 6BR.

Catch the 18:50 185 bus from Huddersfield Bus Station

We hope to see you there at both events.