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The Last Post on the CamraNews Yahoo Group

After over 8 years and over 400 posts, it is unfortunately the end of the line for the CamraNews Yahoo Group. The last post has now been made to the group  (barring a couple of reminders in the future).

However, all is not lost! Huddersfield CAMRA has a brand spanking new website here at http://huddscamra.org.uk

As part of the website, there is a news feed which now contains all the info that used to be posted on the CamraNews Yahoo Group.

Furthermore, on the right hand side of the site, there is a box marked  “Subscribe by email”. Simply fill in your email address there and hit enter.  This will take you to Google FeedBurner, which will allow you to subscribe to  email updates – just like you get now from Yahoo Groups.

I hope you will join us here at the new website.

Any problems, then please email us at info@huddscamra.org.uk .